Save time on your social media with help from your own AI assistant

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Including everything you need to manually manage your social accounts too

Schedule status updates in advance, re-share, discover industry news and manage everything in one place

Schedule social media posts at your preferred times

Choose when your shares go out to all of your social media accounts. Schedule in advance of events and re-share statuses each week, month or day if needed.

Choose from 1000s of images

Filter photos by commercial rights so you don't get in any trouble and find GIFs to bring your posts to life. You can even modify the photos!

Upload images, overlay text or create a MEME

Use images from your computer or phone and overlay text to boost engagement on your posts. Looking for some Friday fun? Why not create and share a MEME.

Queue news straight from Chrome

Browsing the internet and find something awesome to share? Queue it in one click for your assistant to share.

Discover content from across the web, podcasts and YouTube

Finding stuff to share is hard, we get it. Our powerful search let's you order content by engagement, freshness and sentiment.

Preview inside ContentApp to avoid any distractions including listening to podcasts, reading the news or watching videos.

Once you've found your perfect article you can queue in a single click, schedule it to go out when you want, share it to your WhatsApp groups or even add it to your website.

Keep up to date with your industry and queue from your inbox

Receive an email every morning telling you events, news, videos or podcasts that have happened in your industry in the last 24 hours.

Queue directly from your inbox if you spot something you want to share on social.

content curation in your inbox

Manage everything from your phone

Busy during the day but have time in the evenings? Every feature of ContentApp is available on mobile, so you can schedule your social media from your couch.

Have you met your assistant yet?

ContentApp comes with your own social media assistant who will take care of things when you're too busy

"The more we can share specific content, the more engaged our customers are becoming"
Ricky Martin
Apprentice Winner