Use social media to sell more

Cold calling isn't dead, but it isn't the only way to sell. You don't need to spend hours and hours sat on LinkedIn either.

Automagic Sharing will grow your pipeline, speed up your sales process and boost your sales results.

Social is a key component of the modern day sales prospecting strategy. Content App is the route to modern sales success.

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The most effective way to sell via social media

Automatic Content Curation

Our robot will find articles relevant to your customers & send you a text message so you can share them

Attract Passive Customers

Before people see an article, you have the opportunity to showcase your products/services on your website

Product Sharing

Every day, our robot will share your latest products to your social media. You don't have to do a thing.

Manually schedule ahead of time

Spend 10 minutes a week queuing custom updates to supplement our robot if you have time

Smart Hashtag Suggestions

Hashtags are added to every share to ensure your updates reach beyond your 1st degree connections.

Images Included

Tweets with an image get retweeted 25% more! Everything you share will include an image

Have fun with GIFs

Want your Friday message to stand out? Search thousands of GIFs to grab your audience's attention!

Hashtag research

Want to know if #sale is more effective than #sales? Now you can find out.


Stay in control with text message alerts

Our robot will text when they find something to share to your social media, making it easy for you to message back to stop or update it

  • Update Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by SMS
  • Get notified and control social media easily
  • No need to download yet another app or train staff

Branded motivational quotes

Let your Marketing team push updates to your social media on your behalf with our Broadcast function


Branded motivational quotes that drive engagement

Alongside great articles, we will share inspirational quotes that have your company logo on them to further increase your likes & retweets.

  • Branded to you including your logo
  • Proven to boost likes & followers
  • Zero effort required

The Human Touch


Before we let our robots work with you, we start with the human touch

For our social selling tool to work for you, we need to get to know your business. A dedicated account manager will setup the account, add your users and train our robot to look for the right type of content for your company. This means if you're in B2B sales, we will find the latest B2B news for you.

  • Consultation with a dedicated account manager
  • We setup the account and give you access
  • Keyword filters ensure you don't share anything you don't want to
  • Link your social media accounts and sit back

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Meet our CEO, Kelly

After founding Broadbean in 2001, Kelly has been leading sales teams and building technology for over 15 years. As the industry has changed, Kelly founded Content in 2018 to help sales teams, sales leaders and businesses leverage the power of social media to enhance the way they sell.

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