Meet your new social media assistant

Paigey will text you stuff to share when you don’t have time

Just reply yes to share it, or no to decline. Paigey will add the right hashtags and imagery to boost your engagement

SMS Social Media Assistant

01. Train your assistant in minutes

Tell Paigey what industry you work in, what content your audience would find interesting and he'll check the news, podcasts and YouTube channels for the latest and greatest every day for you.


02. Decide on your frequency

Choose how often you'd like content suggested to you, up-to 3-4 times a day. Paigey can check if you've already scheduled something and only suggest articles to you when needed.


03. Tell him where to share

Connect your social accounts and choose where your assistant should share to. Let Paigey take care of your company pages so you can relax knowing your social media will be up to date.


04. Sentiment analysis, keyword filters and so much more

Only want to promote positive content? Don't want to talk about XYZ? Always want to hashtag your company name?

You can configure Paigey exactly how you want him.


05. Wait for your phone to buzz

When Paigey finds something, you'll get an SMS so you can approve it before it is shared. Simply reply yes to approve or no to cancel. When you say no, Paigey learns and gets to know you better over time.

If you have something to say on what he finds, simply reply with update followed by your own status update.

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Start sharing relevant content just by saying yes

The sign-up and set-up process was super easy. Within 5 minutes I had connected my social profiles, chosen my content streams and was off to the races. 

Alex Moyle

Author of Business Development Culture

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