Update your social media, just by asking

"Alexa, Ask my social media assistant to find me an article"

The world's 1st Alexa skill to manage your social media

Personalised news reports & queue articles straight from Alexa

Add scheduling your social media content to your morning routine and get the news that's relevant to you. If you hear something you like simply ask Alexa to queue it for you to go out that day.

Manage your schedule and update your status

Just ask your social media assistant on Amazon's Alexa

Search the web for articles

Want to share something on blockchain? Just ask Alexa to find the latest news for you to queue

Personalised news report

Hear the latest news from across your own list of websites, keywords, podcasts and YouTube channels

Update your status

Update your status just by asking. Anything you say will be repeated back to make sure it's right and then you can choose when it goes out

Manage your schedule

Want to remove something? Just ask Alexa to read out schedule & remove any items you no longer want

Add your social media assistant to your home today

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